Saturday, 23 February 2013

Carrot & Raisin Wine 2

I started some carrot and raisin wine back in November 2012 and on racking found it to be very promising indeed. Carrots were cheap in Lidls this week so I thought I'd have another go. Except I didn't buy enough. There were supposed to be 4 lbs of them so I threw a couple of parsnips in to make up the amount.

Method: Chopped the carrots (and parsnips) and simmered them for about 45 minutes. Then strained them on to a pound of raisins and 2 lbs of demerara sugar. Added half a teaspoon of nutmeg and a little more of cinnamon and the juice of an orange and a lemon. Stirred it all up and tomorrow I'll make a yeast starter.

I started a gallon of elderflower from the dried elderflowers I bought in Nature's Way. That was a couple of days ago. That goes in the demijohn on Wednesday.

And that vin de stinky poo? We're drinking it. It's actually not that bad. Not wonderful but definitely quaffable. I'll try another batch using fruit juice but I might use pomegranate or pineapple next time.

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