Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I did not start one single batch of wine in February and March of last year. Very bad of me and I vowed that this year would be different. But here we are, the 5th of the month already and nothing has happened. I'm planning on starting elderflower from dried flowers I bought in Nature's Way but then i realised that concentrated grape juice was needed. That means another trip to Belfast and it is horrible out there. Blowing a gale and threatening snow and then there is the 'fleg' protest.

Some research on the internet led me to the notion that sultanas can be used as a substitute for grape juice and, thanks to my love of baking, there are always plenty of sultanas in the cupboard. So what is keeping me from getting started? Three words. Game of Thrones.

Must give myself a shake and get started. Hopefully there will be something to report tomorrow.

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